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Date postedOctober 29, 2012
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The smeSpire project has been widely disseminated at the ESRI European User Conference 2012 in Oslo from 15 to 17 October.
In virtue of the ESRI adhesion to smeSpire Network, during the presentation “SDI & INSPIRE Business: A New Approach for SMEs” emphasis has been given to the ArcGIS for INSPIRE Solution Pack, fostering new opportunities to/for the smeSpire Network members as well as to/for the geo-ICT SMEs looking for INSPIRE enabling solutions.




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Smespire at the INSPIRE workshop at JRC

smeSpire at the Eurogi workshop 2012

Workshop for INSPIRE Member States Contact Points, to share experiences in assessing the costs and benefits of implementing the INSPIRE Directive View on SlideShare Preliminary outcomes of the smeSpire business model at the Eurogi workshop “The future of the Data-Economy: Business strategies and models for spatial data” held in Lisbon (PT) the 16th of November 2012.
Participate to the discussion created in the smeSpire Group on the INSPIRE forum.



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