Introduction to Social Media


This training module has been developed within the context of the smeSpire project in 2014 (
Author: Lacosa ( for smeSpire. The material is provided under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (

This module is an overall introduction to the use of social media as a new communication way of sharing news and useful information within a community

The focus is how to create valuable relationship both for engaging people or simply involving them in a selling process. Keywords of the module are relationship, language and content. These three words are strictly connected to each other since they summarize the essence of social media: relationship are at the basis of success of any social media. Not a simple relationship but a valuable relationship that means connections with people that are interested in what you are sharing and are willing to even pay for it. Normally what you share is a “content” and it should be of great interest for your connections and, of course, written in a “language” also shared and accepted by the community (scientific or specialized).

This module is also the basis to start creating a community, manage the online presence and valuate the feedbacks of first step in these new media.

The module is a self-learning module.


This seminar contains the following parts:

  1. The contest
  2. The web interactions
  3. Relationships, contents and language
  4. Customers, followers, leads
Learning outcomes

Since it an introduction seminar, the follower will be handle the keywords of social media and try to get his first step within the new media. The module is basic and theoretical and it is intended to be deepen with practical pills on the use of specific social media, i.e. Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest and so on.

Intended Audience
Employees, manager and people in charge to deal with customer and partner sharing specific contents.
Web user friendly required.
Video presentation. The module is a self-learning module.
Expected workload
Expected workload is 1 hour.