Introduction to Business Process Modelling – BPMN


This training module has been developed within the context of the smeSpire project in 2013 (
Author: Monique Snoeck (Research Center for Management Informatics – KU Leuven). The material is provided under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (

The implementation of the INSPIRE Directive involves different Business Processes that can be identified using the INSPIRE Directive and the Implementing Rules e.g. BP Monitoring and reporting: reporting of indicators. Business Process Modelling helps to better understand, monitor and improve the events, decisions and activities that are part of INSPIRE.

This module deals with the definition of business processes and their outcomes, with business process identification and business activity monitoring, the identification of the core elements of a process and modelling of agents.

Furthermore, the module focuses on how to apply business process modelling notation with different examples and exercises and also deals with advanced concepts for Business Process Management.

The training material consist of presentations, supporting documents and a weblecture. The module is a self-learning module.

This seminar contains the following modules/parts:

  1. What is a Business Process
  2. What is Business Process Management
  3. Business Process Modelling Notation
Learning outcomes

After the training offer, the participant will be able to position and understand the role of business process modelling in the general domain of business process management; Identify business processes and their main components; create high level process diagrams using the BPMN notation (knowledge of basic BPMN-notation and the use of events).

Intended Audience

This seminar aims at people with a interest in IT-related aspects. The seminar will be given from a non-technical perspective. Nevertheless, general knowledge of information systems and interest in information system architecture is advised as prior knowledge to follow this course.


No pre-requisites are required for this module.

PDF documents, presentations, Weblecture. The module is a self-learning module.
Expected workload
Expected workload is 4 hours.