Introduction overview of Technological Geospatial Trends and potential opportunities/benefits for the geo-ICT market


This training module has been developed within the context of the smeSpire project in 2014 ( 
Author: Danny Vandenbroucke, KU Leuven. The material is provided under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License (

Geospatial technology is a challenging and constantly evolving domain. This module provides an introduction to the latest trends in geospatial technology. Among the topics that will be addressed are: augmented reality, linked data, voluntary geographic information, open data and open tools, sensor web enablement, integration of spatial data and services in e-government processes, and many other. The module also demonstrate how geo-ICT companies could take advantage of these trends to develop new products and services, and achieved significant benefits.


This seminar contains the following modules/parts:

1. Technological Geospatial Trends

2. Potential opportunities/benefits for the geo-ICT market

Learning outcomes

After the training offer, the participant will be able to describe and summarize the main technological geospatial trends, and describe and give examples regarding potential opportunities/benefits for the geo-ICT market.

Intended Audience
This seminar aims at representatives (technical and non-technical experts) of SMEs.
No pre-requisites are required for this module.
PDF documents, presentations.
Expected workload
Expected workload is 3 hours.