The aim of the workshop wWorkshop_Kranzberg_03192013as to inform small and medium enterprises about the smeSpire project. On the basis of best practice examples the participants learned how their company can develop new profitable business opportunities by implementing the INSPIRE directive. The workshop has been offered in Kranzberg near Munich on 19 March and in Münster on 20 March.

Participants mainly took part to learn about new developments of the Geo-ICT sector. They came from different branches and with different backgrounds such as training for GIS solutions, developing specialized software solutions for nature protection or calculation of potential of solar energy for cities. The entrepreneurs heard lectures on smeSpire, feasible implementation of the data standard and potential business models.

Speakers at both events were Prof. Dr. Jörg Schaller, one of the founders of Esri Germany, and Antje Kügeler and Benjamin Quest from con terra. Beyond the presentation of the general conditions of the directive and software solutions to meet its requirements, the group discussed concerns, problems, and visions regarding different approaches for private sector companies to the new opportunities initiated by the INSPIRE directive.

Following the workshops some participants agreed to take part in interviews. The goal of these interviews was to collect information about the behavior and experiences of different Geo-ICT companies and about the general characteristics of the Geo-ICT sector in different member states.