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In May and June 2013 two major events highlighted the importance and strength of “geospatial” SMEs (or Geo-ICT SMEs) regarding INSPIRE.
The first one was the dialogue session “Leveraging SMEs strength for INSPIRE” organized in May by JRC during the Geospatial World Forum, in Rotterdam.
The second one was the workshop “Concrete Steps to Implement INSPIRE: Synergies Between The Public and The Private Sector” organized by the SmeSpire project in June at the INSPIRE Conference, in Florence.


Smespire at the INSPIRE workshop at JRC

smeSpire in the JIIDE 2012

Workshop for INSPIRE Member States Contact Points, to share experiences in assessing the costs and benefits of implementing the INSPIRE Directive View on SlideShare smeSpire in the 3rd Iberian Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructures conference (interview video in Spanish). View on YouTube. Activate subtitles in your language by clicking the menu button located on the bottom right of the video player.

Smespire at European Data Forum 2012

smeSpire at the Eurogi workshop 2012

European Data Forum 2012 Copenhagen (DK). smeSpire project overview Giacomo Martirano (EPSIT) View on SlideShare Preliminary outcomes of the smeSpire business model at the Eurogi workshop “The future of the Data-Economy: Business strategies and models for spatial data” held in Lisbon (PT) the 16th of November 2012.
Participate to the discussion created in the smeSpire Group on the INSPIRE forum.