mca The MCA’s Digital Inclusion Strategy, launched by the Maltese Communications Authority on 2012, cover the period 2012-2015 and developed into two different strategies called: “Networked society” and “Networked Enterprise” was designed to facilitate the improvement of a Networked Society that exploits on the opportunities brought about by ICT for social cohesion and economic development.

GeoICT in Malta is mostly developed through the initiatives of the Maltese public authorities in exploring and developing new horizons in the field of ICT. Geographical information is necessary for infrastructure planning, business analyses, preparation of building sites, optimizing of the division of ground plots, and as a foundation for political decisions. The demand for making large quantities of data with a spatial component interpretable and clear has increased enormously in the last few decades.

For that reason the Thrust 4 of the Networked Enterprise, aimed to identifying the opportunities that ICT open up to the Maltese market, exploring how such opportunities could benefit the economy, generating awareness about these opportunities, locating barriers hindering their exploitation, and intervening where warranted.

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