smeSpire Study Report disseminated in the Esri Deutschland Group‘s “EU Newsflash”
Internal dissemination of the smeSpire’s “study on the Geo-ICT sector in Europe” within the Esri Deutschland Group (comprising 7 companies, around 500 employees, 10 offices in Germany, Switzerland and Africa).
Study on the Geo-ICT sector in EuropeFull report. Short version.

New spatial data offer – AZ Germany-Grid INSPIRE
AZ Germany-Grid INSPIRE, newly developed by AZ Direct GmbH in cooperation with WIGeoGIS GmbH, connects the extensive data of AZ Direct seamlessly with the pan-European spatial data of the so-called “INSPIRE Grid”.
The data includes, inter alia, extensive statistical analyzes of socio-demographic, consume/lifestyle-related and psycho-graphic structures of the population, supplemented by thematic priorities such as with respect to residential areas, mobility, specific industries or product lines. These data can be used by individual municipalities, municipal associations and federal agencies as a supplement or reference for their own INSPIRE-related official data and projects.