Esri joins European Location Framework

Esri has joined the European Location Framework (ELF) project to assist in harmonising and sharing geospatial data across Europe.ELF is funded under the European Commission’s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). It brings together 30 organisations, including 14 European National Mapping Authorities, to harmonise and share authoritative national mapping and cadastral data across Europe. Esri has agreed to a grant offer with EuroGeographics to help its 59 members implement ELF and INSPIRE compliant services. Under the grant, Esri will be providing the ArcGIS platform, including ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for INSPIRE software; support and training; and entrance to the Esri International User Conference.

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GeoBusiness Forum at the INTERGEO 2013

Representatives from government, business and management discuss current topics such as open data, licensing, privacy, business models for Geo-ICT companies, and more.

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 Event: Forum Municipal GIS 2013 – What does INSPIRE brings to municipalities?

On 19.11.2013 in Neu-Ulm, Germany.

The European INSPIRE Directive, aimed at building cross-border spatial data infrastructures, is now also at the gates of the local town hall. In many places there is at first a discomfort – another set of rules for the already burdened communities. But in the long run INSPIRE can benefit the municipalities because generally accessible data in standardized form of machine-readable services can simplify administrative procedures and relieve authorities. Technological innovations such as mobile GIS applications are used more effectively with uniform (geospatial) standards. In addition, unlike many other demands on the local communities, INSPIRE means give and take. The regional government authorities have even in advance gone through numerous data services within their infrastructures for spatial information. Therefore, can INSPIRE be also an opportunity for local authorities?

In the municipal GIS Forum of the Roundtable GIS e.V. will participate GIS managers and decision makers from municipalities, cities and counties, GIS vendors and GIS Services, public appointed surveyors and surveying firms, representatives of the municipal umbrella organizations, representatives of SDIs from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg as well as representatives of local trade media and numerous other guests.

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Event: How do I tell it to the people ?

Press relations with topics from the Survey and Geoinformation areas.

Press and public relations are an important factor for the external representation of a company and any other organization and are considered part of the so-called marketing mix. This also applies to the field of Geoinformatics. But precisely this environment is faced with unique public relations (PR) challenges: the issues and projects are often difficult to explain to the outsider. They deal mostly with technologies that require explanations and lengthy processes with terms such as SDI, INSPIRE or ALKIS that are only to the insiders quickly clear.

This seminar will show practical examples on how to turn abstract Geodesy and GIS specialist topics into interesting stories to the press – and also how and where such stories should be published. Therefore, it provides basic knowledge about media requirements and working methods and how your own (company’s) messages and (user)-stories can fulfill these needs. the basic framework of public relations will be addressed and, that is both the organization’s internal requirements and the development of the media landscape.

If interested, follow-ups depth training with practical exercises are possible.

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