Logo_FreeGIS.netFreeGIS.net releases the a virtual machine with free and open source solutions for the management of geographic data according to OGC standards.

The FreeGIS.net project aimed at finding solutions to capture, analyse, visualize and download geographic data, using open formats and free software tools. FreeGIS.net is an Interreg Italy-Switzerland project financed by the Program of superregional cooperation Italy-Switzerland 2007-2012 of the ERDF and the European Union. Project partners are the Free Software Center of the TIS innovation Park of Bolzano, Kanton Graubünden of Switzerland and the company R3 GIS of Merano (Italy). 

The FreeGIS.net Virtual Machine is a solid proof of the applicability of the work done in the FreeGIS.net project. In the scope of this project many activities were undertaken to reach this point. Among them are:

  • the analysis and implementation of the features required by INSPIRE in MapServer, a leading map generating software. Of particular interest were the implementation of multilingual capabilities and improvements in the layer structure as exposed through WMS. A detailed report on this work item is the subject of a report included on the DVD.
  • the analysis and implementation of additions to HALE, a powerful data harmonization and transformation tool, including substantial improvements in the scalability and performance of the software. This work is described in major detail on the DVD.
  • numerous enhancements to the GisClient web mapping software, which is used as a gentle shell for most of the included server side GIS software.
  • the FreeGIS.net Viewer, a client based on openlayers which communicates with the server only through OGC-Standards
  • packaging many GIS software for the popular RPM package manager found in current enterprise Linux distributions.

Working installation of the above mentioned software is available in the FreeGIS.net Virtual Machine, which can be downloaded from the link https://www.freegis.net/web/guest/virtual-machine. THe Reference implementation is also distributed on a DVD.