shanghai-bundAn important Memorandum of Understanding has been recently signed by smeSpire and EBPC (European Business Promotion Center), with HeadQuarters in Shangai, China. 

After years of experience in institutional projects, in Europe and in China, EBPC gives EU companies the guarantee to be under Chinese Institutions protection, having the same Chinese companies rights.

EBPC objectives are to support EU SMEs to enter the Chinese market, to build Chinese “Land” Company, to be the brain banks and think tanks for the Chinese Government, local government and enterprises, to be the bridge for EU Academic and Industrial bodies and Chinese stakeholders.

The scope of this MoU is to establish a framework collaboration agreement between smeSpire and EBPC aimed at exploring further and more specific collaboration scenarios between the present and future members of the smeSpire Network and the Chinese geo-ICT stakeholders, belonging to the commercial as well as to the institutional and academic and research domains.

View the MoU.