Business mission to Shangai:

A new concrete opportunity for the members of the smeSpire network



As you may remember, at the beginning of August it was announced the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between smeSpire and EBPC (European Business Promotion Center), with HeadQuarters in Shanghai.

 The aim of the MoU is to explore further and more specific collaboration scenarios between the present and future members of the smeSpire Network and the Chinese geo-ICT stakeholders, belonging to the commercial as well as to the institutional and academic and research domains.


 The first concrete result achieved within the MoU is the organization of mission to Shangai, which will take place from 14th to 16th of October, according to this agenda.

 The main objective of the mission is to present our network to Chinese key institutional players, who may concretely support further bilateral business agreements, and to create a favorable ground for the network members aiming to commercially exploit in China their geo-ICT competences.

Competences based on INSPIRE implementations will undoubtedly represent an added value within our commercial strategy, which is centered on INSPIRE as a European geo-ICT best practice to be exported and customized  worldwide.

 We wish to thank the EBPC President and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Tony Kordisky, who succeeded in a short time to organize all the meetings listed in the agenda.

 In the last two years EBPC concretely supported the positive closure of 5 business deals of European companies in China, playing very effectively the official role of intermediary, providing the European companies with the necessary accreditation with the Chinese Institutions.

 The smeSpire delegation will be formed by maximum 5-6 participants, belonging to the project partners or to the smeSpire Network.

 The travel & subsistence expenses will be at your own costs.

 Those of you who are truly interested to be part of the smeSpire delegation are very welcome and please contact us as soon as possible.

 But those of you who will not be able to come will not lose any chance, because the attending delegation will represent the interests of the entire network and will emphasize the opportunity to establish future bilateral contacts through the smeSpire database and the Best Practice Catalogue.

 We apologise for the short notice, but the agenda was finalized just a few days ago, after intense activities started in August.

Download the meeting agenda