Best Practices are for smeSpire an effective tool to learn from past experience: methods, procedures, projects, reasons and objectives, implementations. They are lessons learnt available to the project partners and to all the members of the network, who can also promote and share their experience within the Community.

smeSpire considers Best Practices in a wide perspective and target: surveying and collecting relevant best practices from European projects and by the Members of the network, as well as acting as a portal offering best practices already collected in other initiatives, targeting different aspects of data management, also within specific application domains.

All stakeholders are invited to share their practices within the Community, in one or more of the different strands considered by smeSpire:

  • SDI Best Practices from European funded projects (Tool development in progress): stay tuned with us
  • SMEs experiences (Tool development in progress): stay tuned with us
  • ICT solutions to manage environmental data (Good Practice Catalogue of the NESIS project (
  • Nature conservation data management (Good Practice Catalogue of the NATURE-SDIplus project (

Available Best Practices catalogs:

NESIS      NatureSDIplus